Still Recovering

Keep praying for NEGATIVE MRD!

MRD testing will most likely be perfomed this Friday or next Monday.  John's body is still recovering from the intense rounds of chemotherapy he just completed.  His body is trying to produce blood on its own but, it still needs the support of blood products, platelets and blood transfusions.  Until John's body can recover on its own Dr. Pui can't test his bone marrow.  White blood cell count needs to be 1000 (his is 200), plateletes need to be 50,000 (his are 80,000 but some are from the platelete transfusion he had for brunch on Sunday) and his ANC needs to be 300 (his is ZERO).  So we wait, anxiously wait! 

John's nurse, Miss Martha May, said we would start to glimpes of the John we know and love soon, he'd blossom like a flower.  He's in there, fighting to come out!!!!  We've seen more smiles and even an occasional giggle!   

We love John so much and want so badly for him to be cured of his cancer.  Please continue to pray for John's healing and cure.  Please pray for NEGATIVE MRD!