"But it all turns out all right you see"


"But it all turns out all right you see. And I go back to being...me." - Dr. Seuss



This quote is on the wall in the kitchen area here at Casa Ronald McDonald. (See picture above). Every time I pass it, I feel peace & hope.  It strengthens my belief that John will win this battle and live the life he deserves.

I have now accepted the fact that the path to curing John’s cancer is not one that simply goes from A to B.  He has a long challenging road ahead of him.  A road that will have many twists and turns but will ultimately lead to John beating Leukemia!

Tomorrow will be day 22 of John’s Induction phase, the day when Dr. Pui will get more aggressive with John’s chemotherapy treatments.  John has been pumped with so many drugs over the last three weeks it’s hard to imagine a more aggressive path. He will be inpatient for at least a coupe days. His stay in the hospital is critical because they push the chemo in, via his IV, then they flush it out with IV fluids to protect his bladder and kidneys.  They repeat this process every 12 hours for 2 days, four treatments over 48 hours. Ugh!

John’s body is starting to show the signs of chemotherapy.  He started to lose his hair today. I think he still looks very handsome but he is emotional about the changes he sees in the mirror.  He is also showing the side effects of chemotherapy internally, John’s ANC level is 100.  ANC stands for Absolute Neutrophil Count and it represents how well your body can fight off infections, especially bacteria infections.  To put John’s 100 ANC in perspective, a normal ANC is above 1,500.  Having a low ANC right now for John is a good thing. They don’t want his body fighting the chemo.  That also means John could get sick easily, so we need to be extra careful and take antibiotics & antifungal prophylactically.  Germs are bad!

Kathy, John, Isabella and I continue to be humbled by the outpouring of love, prayers and support. It’s amazing and uplifting. Please continue to send John messages, emails, tweets, viddy’s, instagrams, and smoke signals of prayers.

It all WILL turn out right you see......

Unstoppable Determination!